What is EMPSEB?

European Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology

EMPSEB provides a platform for PhD students studying Evolutionary Biology to present their work and to meet their peers from all over Europe. It takes place in a different European city each year and is organized by current PhD students in that country.

Typically, EMPSEB lasts 4 or 5 days and involves 70-100 participants. A variety of activities, discussions, and excursions provide opportunities for building relationships with fellow researchers.

The meeting is now an annual tradition that started 20 years ago with the first meeting back in 1995 being held in Zurich, Switzerland.


What happens?

Participants come from across Europe to attend and give talks about their work to an audience mostly made up of other PhD students. Joining the participants are 8-10 senior scientists who are invited to give plenary talks, run discussion groups, and to provide guidance about starting your scientific career.


What does the meeting offer?

Attending EMPSEB offers many benefits:

  • Hear about the latest research occurring throughout Europe.
  • Meet future international collaborators and network.
  • Get to know senior researchers on a more personal basis than is possible at a large meeting.
  • Give a talk about your work in a professional meeting without the pressure of talking to large numbers of senior scientists.
  • Improve your presentation style with help from your peers and several senior researchers.
  • Have fun! There will be time to hang out and participate in activities with future colleagues throughout the meeting.



AllGenetics-EMPSEB Award 2015

The delegate judged to give the overall best talk will receive free use of a holiday cottage in Ortigueira, Spain for 6 people during one week.

This fantastic prize is courtesy of the lovely people at AllGenetics.

The holiday does not include plane tickets, airport transfer, or meals. It only includes the stay at the cottage.

Additionally, the winner will have the chance to present his/her work at one INFUSCIENCE event at the University of A Coruña.